System Ventilation

To comply with UK Building Regulations, properties are being built to high thermal efficiencies. Energy efficient airtight dwellings effectively seal in condensation.

A human being consumes on average a kilogram of food and two litres of water each day. They consume at least 15000 litres of air, of which 90% may consist of indoor air. A household of four will release into the atmosphere through showering, bathing and cooking up to 8 litres of water per day.

All of these pollutants are potentially harmful, high levels of condensation creates damp conditions, leading to mould growth an ideal breeding ground for dust mites, which are known to increase respiratory conditions such as asthma.

For air to be clean to breathe, reduce condensation levels and protect the building fabric, the air will need to be replaced with fresh air every two hours.

This can be achieved by installing a central Mechanical Ventilation system incorporating Heat Recovery (MVHR) to maintain a healthy internal environment, control heat loss, remove condensation, odours and airborne pollutants that are present in today's dwellings.

MVHR ventilation systems are designed to satisfy the current building regulations and provide a complete ventilation solution for domestic and residential applications. The ventilation system will help to maintain and control air quality throughout the property by identifying and removing stale moist air by means of automatic current and thermal sensors.

Stale air is extracted from wet areas such as the kitchen, utility, bathroom, toilet and en-suite. Ceiling grilles in these rooms allow a constant or demand oriented airflow volume to be extracted.

Fresh air is fed directly from outside into the ventilation system through a filter. The heat taken from the extracted air is used to warm the fresh filtered air in the exchanger, which then flows through ducting to rooms such as the lounge, dining room, bedroom(s) and study. Ceiling grilles in these rooms allow a constant or demand oriented airflow volume to be supplied.

By undercutting doors or fitting transfer grilles fresh air circulation is ensured throughout the dwelling.

To ensure that your ventilation system continues to operate effectively it is important that it is regularly maintained. An important part of this maintenance is cleaning the Recuperator and replacing the Filters to ensure airflow and air quality is maintained.

System Ventilation