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The move towards higher levels of energy efficiency of new homes, improved airtightness, correctly designed, installed, commissioned and maintained mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery are essential for extracting stale moist air and delivering fresh clean tempered air.

A variety of airborne pollutants are present in homes and some are associated with serious health effects, including asthma, lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

As new homes become more airtight, adequate ventilation is relied upon increasingly to maintain satisfactory indoor air quality. It is essential that ventilation systems of all types successfully deliver adequate IAQ.

VentfiltersRus have recognized the need to carry out annual inspections, maintenance and servicing of such systems by approved engineers. We offer a 12 point service plan which will ensure that clean air is provided all year round

In addition we can provide a system set up and commissioning service where our BPEC registered engineers will carry out a full compliance check to BPEC standards on the installed MVHR system. On completion a certificate will be issued providing the system complies with the air volumes for each habitable room and the extraction rates for each of the wet rooms.

There are two methods of measuring airflow volumes, the unconditional or the conditional method. We can use either method but would recommend the unconditional. The unconditional method of airflow measurement is the preferred method in all installation scenarios because of its accuracy and simplicity. A powered flow hood is an air volume flow meter designed to eliminate backpressure and turbulent flow effects. The measurement system also senses the direction of flow, which means that the unit can be used to measure supply and extract systems without any change in configuration.

VentfiltersRus Engineers have over 40 years combined experience in the design, installation, commissioning and servicing of MVHR ventilation systems and their controls.

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